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Sitting Pretty in Auditorium Comfort

At Khanda Seating, we specialise in a wide range of fixed seating options for numerous applications, which include theatres and auditoriums. It all sounds straightforward and simple, but many folks have little idea about this venue’s multiple rows of identical joined “chairs” upon which they settle when attending an event, show, or performance.

Functioning Optimally

Unless one is involved in the planning, design, construction, and finishing of an auditorium project, one would hardly give a thought to what might be involved or how many aspects must be taken into account to ensure that this type of larger-than-usual, working indoor space functions optimally.

Moreover, because this type of facility is typically intended to accommodate members of the public, it is important that every factor that ensures the satisfaction and comfort of the audience is taken into account, failing which your new or refurbished auditorium might become a proverbial, non-income-generating white elephant.

Comfort is Key

There is hardly a single person who has not had to sit through a lengthy meeting, seminar, workshop, conference, or performance on the worst of uncomfortable seats that tend to feel as if they are actually instruments of torture, as time seems to stand still.

Shuffling, changing position, and moving one’s legs and feet does not help to ease discomfort, frustration, fatigue, waning concentration, and dwindling enjoyment. In fact, seating is a vital component of a fully functioning facility that is successful and in demand. Because it takes a considerable capital investment to build and equip a space that is used as a theatre, amphitheatre, conference, concert, or lecture hall, it follows that bottoms on seats are essential.   


Modern auditoriums are built-for-purpose structures, which feature good acoustic properties, convenient access and exit points, suitable lighting, efficient and effective ventilation and temperature control, and most importantly, a tiered structure that is fitted with fixed, specialised auditorium seating.


The seamlessly sloped and stepped tiers, which one ascends to sit down in the auditorium, are fixed to a robust, sturdy support structure, which is invisible to the audience from within the hall. There are various advantages to well-made, comfortable, tiered, and fixed seating designs, as opposed to placing loose chairs on a single-level, flat floor surface.

  • Clear field of vision for audience members, from virtually every sitting position.
  • Minimise distance between the furthest point and speaker, presenter, performer/s, or screen.
  • Optimise use of available space.
  • Maximise the number of people who can be accommodated comfortably.
  • Minimise maintenance costs and labour requirements.
  • Less time required to prepare auditorium for audience.
  • Improve acoustics.
  • Avoid intrusive sounds of chairs being moved and repositioned.
  • Model-dependent variety of options that include or exclude low/mid/high backs, armrests, continuous or foldout writing surfaces, fabric or leather upholstery coverings and fabric colour choice, fire-retardant foam and/or fabric, manual or automatic tip-up seats, numbering, attached to a floor-mounted beam or stanchion, and more     

Full Spectrum Expertise

We can offer full-spectrum expertise and solutions, since we undertake full manufacturing (of most of our products), customisation, transport, and installation.

Small enough to respond promptly and large enough to complete significantly bigger projects – confidently and successfully – Khanda Seating has more than 30 years’ experience in this constantly evolving, competitive field that is an essential element in the modern auditorium, as well as the comfort of all who enter and sit down in style and comfort.

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