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Prerequisites of Waiting Room Area Seating Solutions

The seating industry has diversified immensely. A chair, couch or bench is no longer just that. Some companies provide lounge furniture. Others supply dining or occasional chairs, outdoor or office furniture, bar stools, hair salon or dentists’ chairs. Khanda Seatingis well-known and respected as fixed seating specialists – for numerous applications.

  • Waiting Room/Area
  • Auditorium & Theatre
  • Stadium & Sport
  • Cinema & Home Theatre
  • Conference, Training & Hospitality
  • School Benches and Training
  • Lecture & Council
  • Retractable/Roll-Back

Irrespective of its size, virtually every organisation and business have a dedicated waiting room or reception area, where visitors are required to wait to be seen. Whether the concern is a police station, corporate concern, government department, hospital or clinic, workshop, factory, hotel, medical or dental practice, or sports club, it’ll feature a waiting room area.

Waiting Patiently

No one is a fan of waiting for any reason, be it for attention, keeping to a scheduled appointment that may be running a little bit late, or upon arrival as a walk-in visitor, customer, guest, or patron. It’s incumbent on the organisation to provide seating for persons calling at its premises, particularly if these folks are expected to wait – patiently – to conduct their business.

Image and Comfort

Modern, neat, comfortable seating beats standing in a queue every time while making all the difference to the appearance of a professional reception area.Additionally, the provision of a dedicated place or room for guests to sit speaks volumes about how you value your concern’s brand, image and most importantly, the comfort and well-being of people who call at your premises.

You never know – some who await their turn may be elderly, infirm, or incapable of standing in line for an extended period. A suitable place to sit ensures that callers are comfortably accommodated and encourages orderly behaviour while discouraging attempts at queue-jumping.

Sit or Stand

Regular prolonged standing, as well as prolonged sitting is not beneficial to the human body, which is not designed to remain stationary and static in one position for long periods of a time. Negative effects of standing regularly for long periods may include poor posture, foot, leg, lower and upper back pain or discomfort, stress on muscles, general fatigue, strain on joints, and pooling of blood accompanied by swelling in the lower limbs.

Khanda’s Superb Solutions

Khanda offers six exciting waiting room seating solutions, each of which is fixed and features the clean, design lines that enhance the appearance and function of any and every modern reception area.

  • Downtime – a top seller, offers a selection of polypropylene colours and 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-seat configurations
  • Wait-On – perforated steel, free-standing or floor-mounted, accommodates 2 or 3 persons
  • Pause bench – with back, selection of polypropylene colours, for 2 to 5 persons
  • Recess – perforated steel, armrests (on either sides of beams), suitable for 2 to 5
  • Flash – cool, modern polypropylene curves, ideal for commercial areas,in sets of 2 to 5 chairs
  • Time-Out – choice of contract upholstery fabrics, accommodating 2 to 5 people

At Khanda Seating, we manufacture most of our products, take care of transport to site and offer full professional installation. We’re small enough to respond rapidly and large enough to undertake bigger projects – confidently and successfully – to the satisfaction and delight of our valued clients, who require top-notch seating solutions for waiting rooms and other areas,where fixed installations are indicated.

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