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5 Of Our Top Sellers When It Comes to Theatre Seating – Trust the Specialists

Attending a play, concert, or musical is an exciting recreational event for anyone interested in live entertainment. If you have ever paid a visit to such a show, then you will realise that at some point, you probably made a mental note of how comfortable or uncomfortable the theatre seating was. Sitting on a hard, lumpy, or squeaking chair can make or break the entire experience for guests – which is why seating is such an important component when it comes to watching live entertainment.

With over 30 years of experience when it comes to the design, layout, and manufacturing of commercial seating, we at Khanda Seating consider ourselves to be one of the country’s leading fixed seating specialists. If you are planning on building a theatre or revamping your current space, then have a look at some of our top sellers for auditorium and theatre seating.

1. The Wedge

Steel laser-cut stanchions contribute to the unique design of our locally produced Wedge seats, while the standard contract fabric is available in a stunning array of colours from sea green to royal blue. The chairs also come with the added options of a high back, PU arms, fire-retardant fabric, and a wooden outerback or underseat cover.

2. The Bravo Range

Our Bravo seats are comfortable, multifunctional chairs complete with automatic tip-up seats and a foldaway writing tablet. These seats are floor-mounted at the legs, which facilitate straight or curved installations. Our standard Bravo design also comes with the additional option of arm caps with wood finishes of your choice.

3. The Tidy-Up Design

These beam-mounted chairs with aluminium stanchions tip up automatically and incorporate a fold-up armrest mechanism. For maximum theatre seating capacity, our specialists recommend the Tidy-Up range, which is 100% locally produced and available in several colours.

4. The Drama Queen

For anyone who wants to create the cosy feeling of relaxing in their theatre, the Drama Queen range is ideal. These thickly padded upholstered seats introduce an element of opulence, while central mounting ensures straight or curved applications. For even more of a luxurious feel, clients have the choice of installing this seating in leather.

5. The Broadway

Our specialists at Khanda Seating are especially fond of the Broadway range. These seats are a perfect fit for theatre halls and auditoriums, because not only are they quite beautiful, but they are superbly comfortable too. Available in striking shades of deep red, blue, and green, this seating range will suit any theatre application.

The above are just some of the standard designs that our seating specialists have on offer, with a guarantee of comfort and durability as a priority for all our products. Not only do we work with the architect’s and client’s specifications on every project, but we also ensure that our final product installation is of top quality, and exactly what our valued clients expect of us.

If you are interested in any of our theatre seating product ranges, then feel free to download our online product catalogue, or fill out our contact form to have one of our specialists contact you within 48 hours.

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