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5 Reasons to Make Khanda Seating Your Go-To Seating Supplier

When thinking of hospitals, educational institutions, theatres, or sports stadiums, one seldom takes into consideration all the planning that went into creating a comfortable, enjoyable space. Those who run such institutions, however, can tell you just how vital a role seating plays.

An often-overlooked feature of most buildings, seating is an aspect that has the capacity to make or break a pleasant environment. For example, attending a conference or course for hours on end while sitting on a hard, uncomfortable chair can undoubtedly dampen the experience. Seating places a key role in creating an atmosphere that people want to be in, which can make or break a business. That is why we at Khanda Seating take pride in our work as fixed seating specialists, where we act as the supplier and do all necessary installations too. If you have not heard of us yet, here are just some of the reasons to make us your preferred seating experts:

We Have Been in The Business for a Long Time

For over 30 years, Khanda Seating has specialised in providing fixed seating for venues of all shapes and sizes. During our time, we have completed over 1000 seating installations with some truly remarkable projects under our belt.

We Own the Entire Process

From the conceptual planning, customisation of seating, and manufacturing of the product, to the full delivery and installation, Khanda Seating is with your renovation project every step of the way, so you can be sure that you are under the care of the best in the field.

Feel Free to Customise Your Seating

With our impressive showcase, you can select a seating style from a range of predesigned products, or have a product custom-created to suit your specific needs. Khanda Seating already has a wide variety of products that cater to a broad set of applications if you feel you might need some inspiration for your ideal design.

As Seating Suppliers, We Can Do It All

Khanda Seating acts as a supplier of products that cater to the following institutions and environments:

  • Cinemas, theatres, and auditoriums.
  • Lecture halls, conference rooms, and training centres.
  • Hospitality institutions and waiting areas.
  • Seating for educational institutions.
  • Sports arenas and stadium seating.
  • Retractable and roll-back seating.

We Believe in Comfort and Durability

Our seating is made to last, and we ensure this longevity by making use of high-quality materials and installation methods that are second to none. Our top priorities are comfort and resilience to daily wear and tear, while maintaining a design that suits the environment.

Other Perks to Look Forward to

Apart from our five-year product guarantee, Khanda Seating boasts a Level 2 BEE status, as well as reputable international partnerships that are a testament to the excellent craftsmanship we strive towards.

If you are looking for a seating supplier that offers installations that are affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and of impeccable quality, then get in touch with Khanda Seating via our website or email at info@khandaseating.co.za. For more information on our products, have a look at our online gallery of completed projects or follow our news blog.

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