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Auditorium Seating Solutions for Various Venues

Have you ever attended a show, demonstration, public talk, or lecture at a venue and thought “wow, this is comfortable”? A venue with the right choice of seating and lighting can make all the difference to the experience. Various auditorium seating solutions are available, and should be carefully considered, as each auditorium is designed for a different purpose. For instance, a venue used for lectures will differ to one used for stage productions.


Auditorium Seating is all About the Audience

Audiences attend a function, production, presentation, or event to be engaged and entertained. Audiences attend to be moved emotionally, to laugh, to think, to learn, to interact. Whatever the reason, an audience member engages with the performance, and in order to truly takeaway what is intended, they must be comfortable. Therefore, auditorium seating is an important factor.

Regardless of whether the auditorium is intended for a conference venue, theatre, or corporate venue, the chairs are an essential element. In fact, when trying to attract customers and increase the earning potential of your venue, the seating included in the auditorium can be a deciding factor. Auditorium seating solutions should provide comfortable and convenient (often staggered) seating that enables all delegates to see the front presentation area, and also allows for seating in close proximity without any discomfort. The seating should also allow people to easily move around.  With carefully planned and selected auditorium seating solutions, the visitor experience will be considerably enhanced.


Khanda Seating Offers Professional Auditorium Seating Solutions

At Khanda Seating, we make it our business to provide a wide range of auditorium seating solutions. Our seating options are used in theatres, stadiums, cinemas, and even in university and school halls! We understand the complex process of planning and renovating a space as large as an auditorium, and we ensure that we are available every step of the way to assist. We pay attention to detail, and consider all aspects of the space, including capacity, aesthetics, and ergonomics, ensuring that you are provided with an optimal seating solution.

While we have a range of auditorium seating solutions for you to consider, we can custom-create a seating solution that caters to your specific needs and requirements. If you are not sure what to choose, we will happily assist you with the selection process, and advise you on ergonomic seating options.

Khanda Seating, with Level 2 BEE status, has been involved in the fixed seating industry for over 30 years. We have provided expert advice and services to educational, institutional, entertainment, and hospitality markets. All of our auditorium seating solutions offer comfort, durability, and a five-year product guarantee. It is undoubtedly these elements that have earned us a good reputation in the industry.

To get a real feel for our product quality and our skills, we recommend that you check out our showcase of completed projects. This will give you a deeper understanding of what we can achieve at your venue with the right seating.


For more information and advice, or to chat with a consultant, simply get in touch with us. Contact us at Khanda Seating via email or telephone today.

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