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5 Reasons to Consider New Seating for Your Growing Church

As your congregation expands, you will begin to notice that the facilities that once served you well are no longer capable of handling your ministry’s capacity. Church board members often have to make the difficult decision to either advance along with their assembly or face members leaving due to inadequate space and provisions. Seating installations are one of the most vital features, and congregants are sure to notice if what they are sitting on is not comfortable.

Why Seating Installations Are Important

While attending most religious gatherings, the primary activity that takes place is sitting and listening. If members find seats to be uncomfortable, hard, and cramped, then they will no longer pay attention to any other aspect of your ministry that you are trying to get across. If you need a reason to reconsider the seats you currently have in your church, have a look at some of the top reasons why many opt for seats of better quality.

  1. Comfort Is Key

Have you ever tried to remain mindful and pay attention while in pain? It is challenging to maintain observance while your neck, back, and shoulders are killing you. Seating installations that leave churchgoers shifting restlessly in search of a more comfortable sitting position will not only affect the information congregants take in, but it may also reduce attendance altogether.

  1. People Need Leg Space

Crowded pews and wooden benches might leave individuals feeling like crammed sardines, especially during busy services. Hot and stifled congregants with cramped up muscles may feel that their personal space is invaded, which is extremely distracting during a sermon. Introducing a new solution will ensure that members each have their own chair with enough leg space and room to breathe.

  1. Tip-Up Seats Are Practical

Attendees who need to move out from pews often find it difficult to maintain their balance while walking through such a narrow space. Tip-up chairs are far more functional in that the bottom half folds up, leaving ample room to move past, stand up during prayer, dance during worship sessions, and even clean. If you are looking to replace your current chairs or benches, consider tip-up seating installations.

  1. Seat Numbering for Conferences

If your church offers training, conferences, or events, then you can choose a solution with seat and row numbering, which will make the administration and organisation of such events a far easier task. Tracking the number of attendees in your services is also possible if members fill up the seats from the front.

  1. High-Quality Chairs Are Long Lasting

Your solution of choice is an investment for your ministry. Chairs and pews are likely the most utilised options at any church, and it is not uncommon to start seeing wear and damage over time, so it is crucial to find a product durable enough to last many years.

At Khanda Seating, church seating installations form part of over thirty years of experience when it comes to the solutions we offer. Contact us today to find out about the products and services that will work best for your institution.

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