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Find Affordable, High-Quality Fixed Auditorium Seating in the Khanda Seating Catalogue

Where there is a stage, there should be comfortable audience seating. That should be one of the commandments of the entertainment world, but it is not. There are still venues out there that have not realised the value of comfortable auditorium seating, believe it or not. The simple fact is that when your audience is comfortable, and has a good view of the stage, their chances of thoroughly enjoying the show or presentation, as well as staying until the end, are greatly increased. For those who are constructing a new venue, or are trying to revamp their existing one, we strongly recommend the fixed auditorium seating options in our catalogue.

Auditorium seating is a style of seating that directs the audience’s attention to a main focal point, which is usually the stage. But why is fixed auditorium seating a good option? Fixed auditorium seating ensures that the maximum amount of people can fit into the room, and that the position of each seat is ideal for both stage view and sound.

Auditorium seating can also be designed to allow ease of movement between seats by incorporating a seat that can be flipped upwards when not in use. This function also makes it easier to clean the auditorium. These types of seats are ideal for cinemas and theatres, but can also be quite useful in sport stadiums, stage halls, training rooms, and waiting areas.

When browsing through the fixed auditorium seating options in our catalogue, you will find that we have five main auditorium seating options to choose from. Each is designed to be aesthetically appealing, while being comfortable and functional as well. Each range is available in a variety of colours, and we can provide custom quantities to suit the space that you have available.

Buying fixed auditorium seating is a bit more complicated than just selecting a seating style and setting them up inside your venue. The venue needs to be correctly measured, and then there are other considerations, such as the position of the stage, the type of events to be held, and how many people will need to be seated in the venue for shows and presentations. This is why it is important that our seating specialists at Khanda Seating pay a visit to your venue, as well as work with your architect and construction company, to ensure that the seating complements your building and the desired purpose.

Tips for choosing auditorium seating:

  • Check the size of each seat provided. Will it be comfortable for the audience, or will they feel cramped? It is best to get a seat that allows for comfortable movement.
  • Are the seats fixed, or do they flip up?
  • Is the fabric used for the seating going to be scratchy or hot? Make sure that you choose a seat with fabric that breathes and feels comfortable on the skin.

If you would like to learn more about our fixed auditorium seating options, simply contact us when it is convenient for you. For more information, you can give us a call or send us an email at Khanda Seating today.



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