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While watching that all-important sports game or competition, spectators do not often stop to think about the chair in which they are sitting. In fact, it is ideal to have a stadium seating solution so comfortable that people don’t even pay it any attention. Uncomfortable chairs, however, can ruin any chance of fun and leave event attendees disappointed, or worse, in pain. Whether the crowd is on the edge of their seats or participating in the Mexican wave, you need chairs that are comfortable and tough.

At Khanda Seating, it is our belief that a chair can make or break an experience. People want to kick back and have a bit of fun, not shift uncomfortably and think about going home. Keeping people glued to their seats is no easy feat, but we have managed to create a range of models geared towards large, public spaces like stadiums. Our designs come with plenty of benefits, and our services go the extra mile for all clients.

Our Stadium Seating is 100% Local

Our outdoor range is entirely local, which includes design, materials, labour, and manufacturing. Buying local not only affords you better savings, but it also grows our economy, provides job opportunities in the country, and is kinder to the environment.

Durable Materials

Stadium seats need to stand the test of time. Nobody wants to visit an event with broken or damaged chairs. You need something tough enough to brave every kind of weather as well as crowds jumping for joy when their team wins. We use top-quality materials and production methods to ensure your product is durable enough to handle it all.

A Great Range of Features

No matter your needs, we have a product that will accommodate your stadium. Features within our range of stadium seating products include:

  • Tip-up seats
  • Armrests
  • Seat and row numbering
  • UV-treated surfaces
  • Drainage holes
  • Fixing plugs
  • Fixed stands

Stylish and Trending Designs

Your venue can incorporate durable and comfortable solutions without compromising on aesthetics. Our extensive range comes in a variety of colours and forms to suit your preferred look. Choose between materials, such as luxury upholstering or polypropylene, as well as your choice of armrests, underseats, or outerback covers. From start to finish, we will help you create and install a product that will extend the style of your venue to create a seamless look.

A Company You Can Trust

Our products have kept crowds entertained for over 30 years, so we understand the needs of our clients thoroughly. By either purchasing a standard design or customising your stadium seating, you are investing in a product built to provide you with years of top performance. Our in-house installation team will also enable you to install your seating solution within your own specifications at an affordable rate.

If you would like to get the process started on a crowd-pleasing seating solution, then we welcome you to give us a call or get in touch with us online. Alternatively, you can email us at info@khandaseating.co.za to book an appointment with one of our experts today.

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