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Khanda Seating Will Help You Choose the Right Outdoor Seating Solutions

Outdoor seats are essential, especially when it comes to areas, such as sports stadiums and outside venues that aim to include large crowds of people. Popular events like rugby and soccer games, music concerts, and religious gatherings all require quality, outdoor seating solutions that function correctly when they are needed most.

At Khanda Seating, we have over 30 years of experience when it comes to outdoor seating solutions, and we understand precisely what it takes to create a space that is comfortable and practical for both spectators and participants alike. If you are seeking to plan seats for your venue, then have a look below at our checklist of primary factors to consider before you make your decision.

What is the Climate Like?

Whether you are new to the area or have lived there all your life, you will still need to do some research on the type of climate and weather patterns you can expect throughout the year. Rain, excessive heat, and strong winds are all deciding factors in the type of outdoor seating solutions for which you opt. For example, if your venue is situated in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall and sunshine, then it would be wise to select UV-treated chairs with drainage holes.

Are they Made from Hardwearing Materials?

Chairs face a lot of wear and tear. The seats that you opt for need to be able to handle heavy weights, sudden impact, pressure, and extreme weather conditions. Another factor to consider is hygiene. In stadiums, where thousands of people might use a single chair over the course of its lifetime, you will need to know that it can be easily cleaned and maintained. If you know that your venue attendees will be sipping drinks and eating snacks often, then a polished polypropylene seat will be the easiest to clean quickly.

How Comfortable Are the Seats?

Nobody will sit for long if they feel uncomfortable or in pain. Before investing in outdoor seating solutions, test the products out. Determine whether you want something padded with an ergonomically contoured back, or if you would prefer a simple seat with no arm rests and back support.

Are they Locally Produced?

In today’s financial climate, supporting local businesses, manufacturers, and raw material providers is one way to boost the country’s economy. All our outdoor fixed chair solutions are 100% locally produced, which means that you can support top-quality South African products.

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By getting in touch with us, we will be able to assess your project and advise you on exactly which solutions would work best for you. Partnering with us means that you can rely on us for professional guidance, an extensive range of services, and customisable products that suit your needs.

If you would like to find out more about the process of manufacturing, delivery, and installation, then feel free to contact us online today or email us at info@khandaseating.co.za. For more news, updates, and information on promotions, like and follow us on Facebook.

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