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Pavilion Chairs: Where Leisure Meets Comfort

The word “pavilion” has French and Latin roots, and its traditional meaning relates to both the tent and the butterfly. Both these images evoke a sense of beauty and when it comes to the pavilion, they aren’t wrong. Pavilions are places where entertainment looms large and their main purpose is to be a space of ultimate comfort, leisure, and fun. When it comes to pavilion seating, it’s imperative to opt for chairs that ensure user comfort so that people can truly sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. However, you also want your seating to be ergonomically designed for a particular space. What works well in one auditorium might not be as useful in the next. Here at Khanda, we have a specialised range that amalgamates comfort with practicality. We work hard to deliver the best seating options for your particular venue. 

In terms of pavilion chairs, our catalogue is truly one for the books. Our range is diverse, yet each model boasts absolute comfort and durability. Some of our best pavilion chair options include:

  1. The Wedge: This seating option is one of our bestsellers and is available in a mid- or high-back model. They are mounted to the floor and created with steel epoxy and a laser-cut frame. Clients can opt for armrests or leather covers and seating can be numbered if needed. This range is perfect for auditoriums, lecture theatres, pavilions, and halls. When it comes to chairs, you can’t go wrong with the Wedge.
  2. The Crowded House: This next pick is another popular seller and is an upholstered model with a manual tip-up seat. This floor-mounted model comes in a stylish grey and black design and clients can opt for nylon arms, an automatic tip-up seat, and seat and row numbering.
  3. The Bravo: This model is true to its name and it’s bound to garner a standing ovation after hours of comfortable sitting. This auto-tip-up seat has an optional foldaway tablet. Its steel frame is epoxy-powder coated and it has fabric upholstery. Clients can opt for seating numbers and a wooden finish design.
  4. The Grand Stand: These polypropylene shell chairs are one of our most popular picks and a brilliant choice for larger stadiums and arenas. This floor-mounted model won a specialised award from the Department of Trade and Industry known as the Disa Award and this is testament to its durability and user-approved charm.

Why Choose Khanda Seating When it Comes to Pavilion Chairs?

We’ve been in the business of sensational seating for the last 30 years and this means we know a thing or two about chairs. From entertainment industries to educational institutions, we’ve been there and seated that. We know how to utilise any space to get the best possible use out of any of our seating models, and we love being a part of the design process. Our diverse array of models and styles means that there is always the perfect seating solution. Contact us today and we’ll happily advise you on the best pavilion chairs for your unique space.

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