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The popular choice for any movie house, this chair is a real value for money.  Featuring moulded foam seat and back, integrated folding arms with polyurethane arm and cup holders.  Each chair is floor mounted for added stability. Polypropylene ABS underseat and outerback covers to ensure easy cleaning.  Seat and row numbering optional.


  • Standard Contract Fabric
  • Cup Holder
  • Floor Mounted
  • Auto Tip-up Seat
  • Fold Up Arms


  • Leather
  • Seat & Row Numbering

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Please bear in mind that computer monitors will display colours differently from one another and the colours here may vary slightly from batch to batch.

16Y-704 Royal Blue

16-703 Blue

16Y-1019 Green

16Y-904 Black and Gray

16Y-10311 Light Coral

16Y-801 Dark Indian Red

16Y-1014 Blue

16Y-804 Blue and Black

16Y-1032 Light Grey

16HY-606 Deep Blue

16Y-908 Dark Blue

16HY-611 Blue Green

16T-302 Red

16Y-1015 Dark Red

16Y-707 Coral

16Y-906 Royal Blue

16T-304 Purple

16HY-601 Beige

16HY-610 Sky Blue

16T-208 Navy

16Y-705 Dark Aqua

16T-401 Red

16Y-701 Red

16Y-905 Dark Red

16T-209 Black

16Y-1038 Brown

16Y-803 Coral and Blue

16T-403 Blue

16Y-1037 Light Sky Blue

16T-404 Black

16T-402 Dark Red

16Y-702 Dark Red

16Y-802 Dark violet

16Y-1039 Black

16Y-1018 Gray

16Y-1036 Deep Sky Blue

16T-303 Dark Green

16HY-607 Deep Green

16Y-1016 Red

16T-1041 Red Checker

16HY-602 Royal Blue

16T-301 Black

16Y-708 Gray

16Y-1017 Light Blue

16Y-901 Green

16Y-903 Black

16Y-10312 Dark Red

16T-206 Dark Red

16Y-1035 Deep Royal Blue

16HY-603 Black Brown

16T-207 Gray Purple


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