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5 Steps to Deciding on the Best Seating for Your Church

As your ministry grows, you will notice the need for newer, more modern facilities. In many cases, you may need to invest in new land to build a bigger church just to accommodate your increasing congregation. One feature that many church leaders tend to forget about until it is too late is the kind of seating the congregation needs. After all, when a member enters the building, most of their time is spent sitting and listening to a sermon. Without the right chairs, you may see people going elsewhere every Sunday. If you would like to avoid the pitfalls of having improper seats, then follow these five steps to get you going in a new direction.

Step 1: Think About How Your Institution Functions

Most religious buildings are also used outside of their observed religious days during the week. Whether hiring the venue for conferences, weddings, or special events, you will want to cater to such scenarios too. While your congregation’s needs come first, there is no reason why you cannot create an environment that would suit any occasion. The better the seats you have, the greater your chance of being able to draw outsiders to the auditorium.

Step 2: Consider the First Impression You Wish to Create

Nobody wants to worship in a church full of crowded chairs that seem damaged and worn. By ensuring your chairs look and feel great, you are sending the message to your congregation that you care for their wellbeing. Members who feel welcomed warmly are far more likely to stay for your message. Also think about the design that you feel works well with the atmosphere and pay attention to how design and colour influence emotions.

Step 3: Look for an Easily Maintained Product

Church seating is multi-functional and will see a host of users who may act carelessly towards the product’s structure. Finding something sturdy and easy to clean should be a top priority when selecting chairs for the public. Fixed seating is always recommended because it is floor mounted and will not move about, so spacing remains perfect.

Step 4: Remember the Extras

For someone who has never thought about chairs before, it may be hard to consider what kind of special features seating could possibly offer – but there are plenty. Many do not take into account factors, such as seat numbering, auto tip-up seats, or whether each chair will have an arm or not. When looking through catalogues for your church seating of choice, try to remain mindful of the specifications you see, not just the aesthetics.

Step 5: Find Specialists in the Industry

For a project as large and important as your church, we recommend fixed seating specialists that will not let you down. Working with a reputable company means most of the hard work and stress is taken care of – you just call the shots.

At Khanda Seating, we have been a preferred fixed seating specialist for over 30 years. Not only do we have plenty of products to choose from, but we are also involved in every step of the installation process. For queries on our designs, customisation options, and even maintenance contracts, get in touch with us today.

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