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How to Choose the Right Theatre Seating Suppliers for Your Project

Urban spaces for meeting, seating, and greeting incorporate three aspects of developed towns and cities that contribute to the overall wellbeing and happiness of their citizens. Large gathering spots, such as churches, institutions, and arenas all require seats for guests and members, and failure to provide this amenity will leave such spaces without any attendees. Theatre seating, in particular, needs to be comfortable and luxurious, and look fantastic. So, if you would like to know which suppliers will tackle your project best, here we look at how to sift out a distinctive brand to help.

Look at Their Track Record

Your theatre seating project is an investment and requires the best in the business. Look for suppliers who have some notable projects under their belt and pay a visit to have a look at the quality of their products. The better their track record, the more likely it is you will be pleased with your end result.

Ask About Their Experience

No amount of money in the world can buy years of experience in an industry. Successful companies who have been working in the theatre seating industry for years probably have quite a few more tricks up their sleeves than those who have not been around the block as many times. Years of experience and plenty of large and small projects to our name will tell you everything you need to know about a brand that remains relevant after so many years.

Explore their Reputation

Talk to professionals in the industry about the theatre seating suppliers you are considering and get a feel for their overall brand reputation. Settling for a company with poor reviews and testimonials means opening yourself up to the risk of experiencing the same. Try to keep a fair and balanced view of your chosen suppliers and talk to them about any concerns you may have with their reputation.

It Is All About the Product

In the end, it is all about the final product with which you end up. You likely have a few requirements when it comes to your seating, and your identified suppliers should be able to meet the brief. Ask questions about the product specifications, production methods, and guarantee. Also keep in mind that you will need a supplier with a range of seating solutions from which to choose, so that you are not stuck settling between the better of two or three mediocre designs.

Find Out About Customisable Solutions

Plenty of suppliers have set products and installation methods, but only a handful ever really offer any customisable options. Speak to your chosen supplier about your ideas and pay attention to how open they are to adapting their products to your concept. It is best to avoid a seating specialist who disregards your brief and tries to control the process without your input.

Here at Khanda Seating, we have taken on theatre auditoriums, sports arenas, and even educational institutions in our 30 years of business. Some of our major clients include Wits University, SASOL, Sun International, SWD Cricket, and many more. For a range of versatile, top-quality products all with a guarantee of five years, please feel free to contact us for your project quote today.

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