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Theatre and Auditorium Seating Solutions. Find a Wide Selection at Khanda Seating

“We need to get there early so we can get good seats!” Ever heard these words? Of course you have. It is the norm when planning to attend an event. In fact, it even happens when going to older cinemas. When attending a show, it is normal to worry about what type of seats you will end up with. Unfortunately, not all theatre and auditorium seating has a professional design. This means that some people will not have a great view of the stage, or might not hear everything as they should. Poor seating solutions is something we have become accustomed to. However, it should not become the acceptable norm. 

You might be wondering what the solution is. Not everyone can redesign their theatre or auditorium, and ripping out the seating is not always a viable option. The solution is for those constructing new auditoriums and theatre spaces to consult with a seating specialist. You will be advised of a design that caters to visibility and acoustics.

If you want to spruce up your auditorium or theatre space, consider the latest theatre and auditorium seating solutions available. You will find an extensive range of options to choose from at Khanda Seating. In addition to that, you will find a friendly consultant who is readily available to assist you with selecting just the right seating and with planning the setup of your space.

When it comes to theatre and auditorium seating, it is not just about the position of the seat for clear visibility and sound, but it is also about ensuring that the seats are compact enough to fit enough into the space. Making the seating comfortable enough for an audience to want to remain seated, even if it is for a few hours, is also important.

At Khanda Seating, with 25 years of service, we are leaders in the industry, and provide our products and services with a great deal of pride. This means that you can trust our advice and guidance on theatre and auditorium seating. We also offer a five-year guarantee on our products, for your peace of mind.

What is Involved in the Process? Here is How to Get Auditorium and Theatre Seating

Khanda Seating offers a professional process. The first step is to consult with one of our team members who will then consult with your architect and space planner. Thereafter, a custom seating solution is created, and installation and setup begins. Our in-house installation team handles the entire process, and ensures your alterations can quickly be finalised. 

The needs of the client are vitally important to us. While we will do everything to ensure that your seating desires are met, we will also provide you with practical advice and guidance for both the design and setup of your space.

If you would like to start the process without wasting time and money on the wrong theatre and auditorium seating, get in touch with Khanda Seating. Simply give us a call or send us an email for more product information and advice today.

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