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Waiting Room Seating Solutions Designed with Your Specifications in Mind

Life can be a little unpredictable, we all know that. You might keep your clients waiting for just a few seconds, but on a busy day, you could keep them waiting 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it is hard to put an exact time on the wait. That is why it is important to create a secure and comfortable waiting area in your business. You can start by installing the right waiting room seating solutions.


Important Aspects of a Comfortable Waiting Room

The most important part of any waiting room is the furniture. The furniture is the first thing that your clients will see, and the pieces that you choose will determine just how comfortable they are while waiting. Two important furniture considerations are your reception desk and your seating. The reception desk should be a focal point, and should be positioned out of the line of traffic. You do not want the desk to be in the way.

Before selecting the right waiting room seating solutions, make sure that the available space is correctly measured. Any seating needs to fit comfortably, and should not overcrowd or cramp available space. Design the space to fit sufficient seating, allow enough space to move freely, and maybe add a table or two. If you are creating the space for the first time, you may want to work with your architect to ensure that your waiting room seating can be custom-designed and installed.

When taking a look at the various waiting room seating solutions on the market, remember to consider the following:

  • What size chairs do you need? You need to consider the age and size of your clients. Even if your clients are mostly children, remember that they will be arriving and waiting with parents, so additional seating will need to be catered to.
  • Will the chairs need arms for added support? In some medical waiting rooms, this is a necessity.
  • Do the chairs need to be upholstered, or will easy to clean PVC be suitable? Some environments will be cleaner and easier to keep clean than others. Keep this in mind.

Khanda Seating’s Experience and Process

At Khanda Seating, we have completed over 1000 seating installations. We have 25 years of experience in the industry, and all of our installations and products come with a 5-year guarantee. We proudly stand for equal opportunity, and have a Level 2 BEE status.

How we determine which waiting room seating solutions are for you is a simple process. At first, you will need to set up an appointment with one of our consultants. During this consultation, the various products and options will be presented to you. Next, we need to consult with your architect or space planner on the available space and the ergonomics of the room.

Thereafter, we draw up a unique seating solution specifically for your waiting room, and present it to you. If you are happy, we can go ahead with the final installation. We keep our clients and informed and involved at every level of the process. In the end, you will have a waiting room that is worthy of being the talk of the town.


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To start the process, or to receive a bit of additional advice, simply get in touch with us. You can give us a call or send us an email during regular business hours. One of our friendly consultants will get back to you.

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